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Golfplatz Passeier.Merano

Score Card &
Course Rating

Etiquette -behaviour
We askeveryone to be aware of his or her own personal safely and to avoid behaving ina way which might put anyone at risk. We would further ask players to:

. replacedivots
. repairholes caused when teeing off
. repairdamage caused by spikes
. smooth overfootprints on the bunkers
. avoidleaving trollies and bags on the greens or tees
. avoid damagingthe course and, above all, avoid taking unnecessary exercise shots
. allowfaster teams to overtake slower ones

Special Regulations
Golfers who unintentionallyhit an electricity cable or pylon by mistake, are entitled to a free shot.

Distance Markers
Red stake - 100mt. from start of green
Yellow stake– 150 mt. from start of green

Red flag = start of green
Yellow flag= middleof green
‍White flag= end of green

Rules and Regulations
Local regulation REG. 33/8 (OKTOBER 2013)1

1. Outsideboundary – reg. 27
a. Outside/throughwhite stakes
b. Outside/throughthe protection nets on greens no. 1, 3, 12, 13 and 18
c. White/greenstakes – inside/out shot for golfers on green no. 2 

2. WaterHazards – Reg. 26
a. Waterhazards are marked by a yellow stake
b. Lateralwater hazards are marked by a red stake
c. Ifthere is a Dropping Area, players may play their shot accordingly 

3. Improvementwork to grounds – Reg. 25
a. Allareas involved will be marked by blue stakes or a white line
b. Erosiondamage to bunkers will be marked in the same way. – see Reg. 25/1
c. Specialrules and regulations may be involved - see Reg. 25/1.3

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Golfclub Passeier.Merano

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